Volume 38, Number 2
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Maohua RanChengjian Zhang


J. Comp. Math., 38 (2020), pp. 239-253.

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Huoyuan DuanRoger C.E. Tan


J. Comp. Math., 38 (2020), pp. 254-290.

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Andrea CerriPatrizio Frosini


J. Comp. Math., 38 (2020), pp. 291-309.

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Baiju Zhang, Yan YangMinfu Feng


J. Comp. Math., 38 (2020), pp. 310-336.

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Ji Li, Jian-Feng CaiHongkai Zhao


J. Comp. Math., 38 (2020), pp. 337-354.

[An open-access article; the PDF is free to any online user.]

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Zhiming Chen, Rui TuoWenlong Zhang


J. Comp. Math., 38 (2020), pp. 355-374.

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Yijun ZhongChongjun Li


J. Comp. Math., 38 (2020), pp. 375-394.

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