Volume 6, Issue 4
Fast Parallel Algorithms for Computing Generalized Inverses A^+ and A_{MN}^+

Guo-rong Wang and Sen-quan Lu

J. Comp. Math., 6 (1988), pp. 348-354

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  • Abstract

The parallel arithmetic complexities for computing generalized inverse $A^+$, computing the minimum-norm least-squares solution of Ax=b, computing order m+n-r determinants and finding the characteristic polynomials of order m+n-r matrices are shown to have the same grawth rate. Algorithms are given that compute $A^+$ and $A_{MN}^+$ in $O(\log r\dot \log n+\log m)$ and $O(\log^2n+\log m)$ steps using a number of processors which is a ploynomial in m,n and r $(A\in B_r^{m\times n},r=rank A)$.

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Published online: 1988-06

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