Volume 5, Issue 1
Space-Time Transfer Function-Noise Modelling of Rainfail-Runoff Process

Kazimierz Adamowski ,  Fadil Bmohamed and Nicolas Rdalezios

J. Comp. Math., 5 (1987), pp. 62-73

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An explanatory model class belonging to the family of Space_Time transfer function-Noise process is presented. The paper develops a three-stage iterative procedure for building STTFN models of the rainfall-runoff process.Four precipitation and runoff stations located in a watershed in southern Ontario, Canada, sampled at 15-day intervals are used for the numerical analysis. Three sttf models are idenfified.The model paramteres are estimated by the polytope technique, a nonlinear optimization algorithm. two of the developed space-time models proved adequate in describing the spatio-temporal characteristics of precipitation and runoff time series.

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Published online: 1987-05

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