Volume 6, Issue 3
A Fourth Order Finite Difference Approximation to the Eigenvalues Approximation to the Eigenvalues of a Clamped Plate

Tao Lu and Chin Bo Liem & Tsi Min Shih

J. Comp. Math., 6 (1988), pp. 267-271

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  • Abstract

In a 21-point finite difference scheme, assign suitable interpolation values to the fictitious node points. The numerical eigenvalues are then of $O(h^2)$ precision. But the corrected value $\hat{\lambda}_h=\lambda_h+\frac{h^2}{6}\lambda_h^{\frac{3}{2}$ and extrapolation $\hat{\lambda}_h=\frac{4}{3}\lambda_{\frac{h}{2}}-\frac{1}{3}\lambda_h$ can be proved to have $O(h^4)$ precision.

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Published online: 1988-06

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