Volume 6, Issue 2
On the Stability of Finite-Difference Schemes of Higher-Order Approximate One-Way Wave Equations

Ying-xian Wang and Guan-quan Zhang

J. Comp. Math., 6 (1988), pp. 97-110

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The finite difference migration, proposed and developed by J.F. Claerbout, is now widely used in seismic data processing. The method has a limitation that the events are not dipping too much. Guanquan ZHANG derived a new version of higher-order approximation of one-way wave equation in the form of systems of lower-order equations. For these systems he constructed some suitable difference schemes and developed a new algorithm of finite-difference migration for steep dips. In this paper, we discuss the stability of these difference schemes by the method of energy estimation.

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Published online: 1988-06

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