Volume 8, Issue 1
Semi-Coarsening in Multigrid Solution of Steady Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations

Lin-bo Zhang

J. Comp. Math., 8 (1990), pp. 92-98

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We present a semi-coarsening procedure, i.e., coarsening in one space direction, to improve the convergence rate of the multigrid solver presented in [5] for solving the 2d steady Navier-Stokes in primitive variables when the aspect ratio of grid cells is not equal to 1,i.e., when $h_x/h_y$ \gg 1 or \ll 1, where $h_x$ is the grid step in x direction and $h_y$ is the grid step in y direction, x and y represent the Cartesian coordinates.

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Published online: 1990-08

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