Volume 9, Issue 4
The Symmetrical Dissipative Difference Schemes for Equasi-Linear Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

Song-bo Li

J. Comp. Math., 9 (1991), pp. 314-320

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In this paper we construct a new type os symmetrical dissipative difference scheme. Except discontinuity these schemes have uniformly second-order accuracy. For calculation using these, the simple-wave is very exact, the shock has high resolution, the programing is simple and the CPU time is economical. Since the paper [1] introduced that in some conditions Lax-Wendroff scheme would convergent to nonphysical solution, many researchers have discussed this problem. According to preserve the monotonicity of the solution preserving monotonial schemes and TVD schemes have been introduced by Harten, et. According to property of hyperbolic wave propagation the schemes of split-coefficient matrix (SCM) and split-flux have been formed. We emphasize the dissipative difference scheme, these schemes are dissipative on arbitrary condition.

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Published online: 1991-09

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