Volume 11, Issue 2
Operator Factorization for Multiple-scattering Problems and an Application to Periodic Media

J. Coatléven and P. Joly


Commun. Comput. Phys., 11 (2012), pp. 303-318.

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This work concerns multiple-scattering problems for time-harmonic equations in a referencegeneric media. We consider scatterers that can be sources, obstacles or compact perturbations of the reference media. Our aim is to restrict the computational domain to small compact domains containing the scatterers. We use Robin-toRobin (RtR) operators (in the most general case) to express boundary conditions for the interior problem. We show that one can always factorize the RtR map using only operators defined using single-scatterer problems. This factorization is based on a decomposition ofthe diffractedfield, onthe whole domainwhereit is defined. Assuming that there exists a good method for solving single-scatterer problems, it then gives a convenient way to compute RtR maps for a random number of scatterers.

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Published online: 2012-12

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