Volume 20, Issue 4
Scale Transitions in Magnetisation Dynamics

Mikhail Poluektov, Olle Eriksson & Gunilla Kreiss

Commun. Comput. Phys., 20 (2016), pp. 969-988.

Published online: 1970-01

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Multiscale modelling is a powerful technique, which allows for computational efficiency while retaining small-scale details when they are essential for understanding a finer behaviour of the studied system. In the case of materials modelling, one of the effective multiscaling concepts is domain partitioning, which implies the existence of an explicit interface between various material descriptions, for instance atomistic and continuum regions. When dynamic material behaviour is considered, the major problem for this technique is dealing with reflections of high frequency waves from the interface separating two scales. In this article, a new method is suggested, which overcomes this problem for the case of magnetisation dynamics. The introduction of a damping band at the interface between scales, which absorbs high frequency waves, is suggested. The idea is verified using a number of onedimensional examples with fine/coarse scale discretisation of a continuum problem of spin wave propagation. This work is the first step towards establishing a reliable atomistic/continuum multiscale transition for the description of the evolution of magnetic properties of ferromagnets.

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