Volume 18, Issue 2
The Diffused Vortex Hydrodynamics Method

Emanuele Rossi ,  Andrea Colagrossi and Benjamin Bouscasse & Giorgio Graziani


Commun. Comput. Phys., 18 (2015), pp. 351-379.

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A new Particle Vortex Method, called Diffused Vortex Hydrodynamics (DVH), is presented in this paper. The DVH is a meshless method characterized by the use of a regular distribution of points close to a solid surface to perform the vorticity diffusion process in the boundary layer regions. This redistribution avoids excessive clustering or rarefaction of the vortex particles providing robustness and high accuracy to the method. The generation of the regular distribution of points is performed through a packing algorithm which is embedded in the solver. The packing algorithm collocates points regularly around body of arbitrary shape allowing an exact enforcement on the solid surfaces of the no-slip boundary condition. The present method is tested and validated on different problems of increasing complexities up to flows with Reynolds number equal to 100,000 (without using any subgrid-scale turbulence model).

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Published online: 2018-04

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