Volume 2, Issue 2
A Well-balanced Kinetic Scheme for Gas Dynamic Equations under Gravitational Field

Kun Xu, Jun Luo & Songze Chen

Adv. Appl. Math. Mech., 2 (2010), pp. 200-210.

Published online: 2010-02

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In this paper, a well-balanced kinetic scheme for the gas dynamic equations under gravitational field is developed. In order to construct such a scheme, the physical process of particles transport through a potential barrier at a cell interface is considered, where the amount of particle penetration and reflection is evaluated according to the incident particle velocity. This work extends the approach of Perthame and Simeoni for the shallow water equations [Calcolo, 38 (2001), pp. 201-231] to the Euler equations under gravitational field. For an isolated system, this scheme is probably the only well-balanced method which can precisely preserve an isothermal steady state solution under time-independent gravitational potential. A few numerical examples are used to validate the above approach.

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