Volume 5, Issue 3
Buckling of 2D-FG Cylindrical Shells under Combined External Pressure and Axial Compression

R. Mohammadzadeh


Adv. Appl. Math. Mech., 5 (2013), pp. 391-406

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  • Abstract

This paper presents the stability of two-dimensional functionally graded (2D-FG) cylindrical shells subjected to combined external pressure and axial compression loads, based on classical shell theory. The material properties of functionally graded cylindrical shell are graded in two directional (radial and axial) and determined by the rule of mixture. The Euler's equation is employed to derive the stability equations, which are solved by GDQ method to obtain the critical mechanical buckling loads of the 2D-FG cylindrical shells. The effects of shell geometry, the mechanical properties distribution in radial and axial direction on the critical buckling load are studied and compared with a cylindrical shell made of 1D-FGM. The numerical results reveal that the 2D-FGM has a significant effect on the critical buckling load.

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Published online: 2013-05

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74K25, 74G60

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