Guide for Editors

JFBI, call for associate editors

We are calling for associate editor of the Journal of Fibre Bioengineering Informatics (JFBI). After discussing with our publishing partner, Global Science Publisher lead by Academician Tang Tao, we are delighted to let you know that they will work with us to get JFBI indexed in SCI as soon as possible.  

As an associate JFBI editor, you will have the following benefits:

1. Increase your international academic standing for emerging multi-disciplinary research areas to enhance your career development.

2. Eligible to be invited as a keynote speaker for annual conferences to increase your visibility in the academic field internationally.

3. Engagement of a global network of academics to enhance cooperation in international grant applications, research paper review and promotion peer assessment.

4.  Free access to TBIS events and special workshops for international grant collaboration forum and JFBI papers. 

5. Waived publication fee for paper submissions.

6. Your profile will be displayed on the JFBI website. 

7.  Receive a JFBI associate editor certificate.

Below are the responsibilities of an associate JFBI editor.

1. Review 5 papers in your research areas/expertise.

2. Gather and recommend 1-2 high quality papers.

3. Submit a good quality original research paper to JFBI.

4. Submit a good quality research review paper to JFBI.

5.  Make contribution to increase the citations of JFBI in the publications from your research team by citing relevant research papers in JFBI (e.g., >5 citations). 

If you have interest in becoming the associate editor of JFBI, contact us via the following email: