Volume 47, Issue 1
On L2-Stability Analysis of Time-Domain Acoustic Scattering Problems with Exact Nonreflecting Boundary Conditions

Bo Wang and Li-Lian Wang


J. Math. Study, 47 (2014), pp. 65-84.

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  • Abstract

This paper is devoted to stability analysis of the acoustic wave equation exterior to a bounded scatterer, where the unbounded computational domain is trun- cated by the exact time-domain circular/spherical nonreflecting boundary condition (NRBC). Different from the usual energy method, we adopt an argument that leads to L2 -a priori estimates with minimum regularity requirement for the initial data and source term. This needs some delicate analysis of the involved NRBC. These results play an essential role in the error analysis of the interior solvers (e.g., finite-element/spectral- element/spectral methods) for the reduced scattering problems. We also apply the technique to analyze a time-domain waveguide problem.

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Published online: 2014-03

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