Volume 48, Issue 1
Modulus-based GSTS Iteration Method for Linear Complementarity Problems

Min-Li Zeng and Guo-Feng Zhang


J. Math. Study, 48 (2015), pp. 1-17.

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  • Abstract

In this paper, amodulus-based generalized skew-Hermitian triangular splitting (MGSTS) iteration method is present for solving a class of linear complementarity problems with the system matrix either being an H+-matrix with non-positive off-diagonal entries or a symmetric positive definite matrix. The convergence of the MGSTS iterationmethod is studied in detail. By choosing different parameters, a series of existing and newiterativemethods are derived, including themodulus-based Jacobi (MJ) and the modulus-based Gauss-Seidel (MGS) iteration methods and so on. Experimental results are given to show the effectiveness and feasibility of the new method when it is employed for solving this class of linear complementarity problems.

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Published online: 2015-03

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