Volume 18, Issue 2
D-Convergence and Stability of a Class of Linear Multistep Methods for Nonlinear DDEs

Cheng Jian Zhang & Xiao Xin Liao

J. Comp. Math., 18 (2000), pp. 199-206

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This paper deals with the error behaviour and the stability analysis of a class of linear multistep methods with the Lagrangian interpolation (LMLMs) as applied to the nonlinear delay differential equations (DDEs). It is showtn that a LMLM is generally stable with respect to the problem of class D_(\lambda,\gamma),and a p-order linear multistep method together with a q-order Lagrangian interpolation leads to a D-convergent LMLM of order min {p,q+1}.

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Published online: 2000-04

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