Volume 19, Issue 1
Optimal Mixed H-P Finite Element Methods for Stokes and Non-Newtonian Flow

Ping Bing Ming and Zhong Ci Shi

J. Comp. Math., 19 (2001), pp. 67-76

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Based upon a new mixed variational formulation for the three-field Stokes equations and linearized Non-Newtonian flow, an h-p finite element method is presented with or without a stabilization.As to the variational formulation without stabilization, optimal error bounds in h as well as in p are obtained. As with stabilization, optimal error bounds are obtained which is optimal in h and one order deterioration in p for the pressure, that is consistent with numerical results in [9,12] and therefore solved the problem therein. Moreover, we proposed a stabilized formulation which is optimal in both h and p.

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Published online: 2001-02

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