Volume 30, Issue 4
Explicit Error Estimates for Courant, Crouzeix-Raviart and Raviart-Thomas Finite Element Methods

Carsten Carstensen, Joscha Gedicke & Donsub Rim


J. Comp. Math., 30 (2012), pp. 337-353

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  • Abstract

The elementary analysis of this paper presents explicit expressions of the constants in the a priori error estimates for the lowest-order Courant, Crouzeix-Raviart nonconforming and Raviart-Thomas mixed finite element methods in the Poisson model problem. The three constants and their dependences on some maximal angle in the triangulation are indeed all comparable and allow accurate a priori error control.

  • AMS Subject Headings

65N15, 65N12, 65N30.

Published online: 2012-08