Volume 36, Issue 6
A Trust-Region Algorithm for Solving Mini-Max Problem

Bothina El-Sobky and Abdallah Abotahoun


J. Comp. Math., 36 (2018), pp. 776-791.

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  • Abstract

In this paper, we propose an algorithm for solving inequality constrained mini-max optimization problem. In this algorithm, an active set strategy is used together with multiplier method to convert the inequality constrained mini-max optimization problem into unconstrained optimization problem. A trust-region method is a well-accepted technique in constrained optimization to assure global convergence and is more robust when they deal with rounding errors. One of the advantages of trust-region method is that it does not require the objective function of the model to be convex. 

A global convergence analysis for the proposed algorithm is presented under some conditions. To show the efficiency of the algorithm numerical results for a number of test problems are reported.

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Published online: 2018-08

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