Volume 35, Issue 4
Third Hankel Determinant for the Inverse of Starlike and Convex Functions

Dong Guo ,  En Ao ,  Huo Tang and Liang-peng Xiong


Commun. Math. Res. , 35 (2019), pp. 354-358.

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  • Abstract

Denote $\cal S$ to be the class of functions which are analytic, normalized and univalent in the open unit disk $\mathbb U=\{z\colon |z|<1\}$. The important subclasses of $\cal S$ are the class of starlike and convex functions, which we denote by $\cal S^*$ and $\cal C$. In this paper, we obtain the third Hankel determinant for the inverse of functions $f(z)=z+\sum\limits_{n=2}^{\infty}a_nz^n$ belonging to $\cal S^*$ and $\cal C$.

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Published online: 2019-12

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