Volume 32, Issue 3
On the Connection between the Order of Riemann-Liouvile Fractional Calculus and Hausdorff Dimension of a Fractal Function

J. Wang, K. Yao & Y. S. Liang

Anal. Theory Appl., 32 (2016), pp. 283-290

Published online: 2016-07

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  • Abstract

This paper investigates the fractal dimension of the fractional integrals of a fractal function. It has been provedthat there exists some linear connection between the order of Riemann-Liouvile fractional integrals and the Hausdorff dimension of a fractal function.

  • Keywords

Fractional calculus Hausdorff dimension Riemann-Liouvile fractional integral

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MR28A80 MR26A33 MR26A30

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