Volume 29, Issue 1
Some Estimates for Commutators of Fractional Integrals Associated to Operators with Gaussian Kernel Bounds on Weighted Morrey Spaces

H. Wang


Anal. Theory Appl., 29 (2013), pp. 72-85

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  • Abstract

Let $L$ be the infinitesimal generator of an analyticsemigroup on $L^2(\mathbf R^n)$ with Gaussian kernel bound, and let$L^{-\alpha/2}$ be the fractional integrals of $L$ for $0 &It \alpha &It n$.In this paper, we will obtain some boundedness properties of commutators $\big[b,L^{-\alpha/2}\big]$ on weighted Morrey spaces $L^{p,\kappa}(w)$ when the symbol $b$ belongs to $BMO(\mathbf R^n)$ or the homogeneous Lipschitz space.

  • History

Published online: 2013-03

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42B20, 42B35

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