Volume 13, Issue 1
Convergence Analysis of a Numerical Scheme for the Porous Medium Equation by an Energetic Variational Approach

Chenghua Duan ,  Chun Liu ,  Cheng Wang and Xingye Yue


Numer. Math. Theor. Meth. Appl., 13 (2020), pp. 63-80.

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  • Abstract

The porous medium equation $(PME)$ is a typical nonlinear degenerate parabolic equation. We have studied numerical methods for PME by an energetic variational approach in [C. Duan et al., J. Comput. Phys., 385 (2019), pp. 13–32], where the trajectory equation can be obtained and two numerical schemes have been developed based on different dissipative energy laws. It is also proved that the nonlinear scheme, based on $f$ log $f$ as the total energy form of the dissipative law, is uniquely solvable on an admissible convex set and preserves the corresponding discrete dissipation law. Moreover, under certain smoothness assumption, we have also obtained the second order convergence in space and the first order convergence in time for the scheme. In this paper, we provide a rigorous proof of the error estimate by a careful higher order asymptotic expansion and two step error estimates. The latter technique contains a rough estimate to control the highly nonlinear term in a discrete W1,∞ norm and a refined estimate is applied to derive the optimal error order.

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Published online: 2019-12

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65M12, 65M75

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