Volume 16, Issue 3
Convergence of BP Algorithm for Training MLP with Linear Output

H. M. Shao and W. Wu & W. B. Liu

Numer. Math. J. Chinese Univ. (English Ser.)(English Ser.) 16 (2007), pp. 193-202

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The capability of multilayer perceptrons (MLPs) for approximating continuous functions with arbitrary accuracy has been demonstrated in the past decades. Back propagation $($BP$)$ algorithm is the most popular learning algorithm for training of MLPs. In this paper, a simple iteration formula is used to select the learning rate for each cycle of training procedure, and a convergence result is presented for the BP algorithm for training MLP with a hidden layer and a linear output unit. The monotonicity of the error function is also guaranteed during the training iteration.

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Published online: 2007-08

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