Volume 16, Issue 2
A Note on Generic Fiedler Matrices

L. Q. Zhao

Numer. Math. J. Chinese Univ. (English Ser.)(English Ser.) 16 (2007), pp. 140-146

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In this paper, we first show that a generic $ m \times n $ Fiedler matrix may have $2^{m - n - 1} - 1$ kinds of factorizations which are very complicated when $m$ is much larger than $n$. In this work, two special cases are examined, one is an $m \times n$ Fiedler matrix being factored as a product of $( {m - n})$ Fiedler matrices, the other is an $m \times ( {m - 2} )$ Fiedler matrix's factorization. Then we discuss the relation among the numbers of parameters of three generic $ m \times n$, $n \times p $ and $ m \times p $ Fiedler matrices, and obtain some useful results.

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Published online: 2007-05

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