Volume 16, Issue 2
Spectral Element Viscosity Methods for Nonlinear Conservaion Laws on the Semi-Infinte Interval

L. Jiang and C. J. Xu

Numer. Math. J. Chinese Univ. (English Ser.)(English Ser.) 16 (2007), pp. 112-130

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In this paper we propose a spectral element vanishing viscosity (SEVV) method for the conservation laws on the semi-infinite interval. By using a suitable mapping, the problem is first transformed into a modified conservation law in a bounded interval, then the well-known spectral vanishing viscosity technique is generalized to the multi-domain case in order to approximate this transformed equation more efficiently. The construction details and convergence analysis are presented. Under a usual assumption of boundedness of the approximation solutions, it is proven that the solution of the SEVV approximation converges to the unique entropy solution of the conservation laws. A number of numerical tests is carried out to confirm the theoretical results.

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Published online: 2007-05

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