Volume 5, Issue 1
A Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioner for Nonsymmetric Linear Systems

Yingzhe Fan and Zhangxin Chen

Int. J. Numer. Anal. Mod. B, 5 (2014), pp. 21-30

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Motivated by the paper [16], where the authors proposed a method to solve a symmetric positive definite (SPD) system Ax = b via a sparse-sparse iterative-based projection method, we extend this method to nonsymmetric linear systems and propose a modified method to construct a sparse approximate inverse preconditioner by using the Frobenius norm minimization technique in this paper. Numerical experiments indicate that this new preconditioner appears more robust and takes less time of constructing than the popular parallel sparse approximate inverse preconditioner (PSM) proposed in [6].

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Published online: 2014-05

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