Volume 2, Issue 0
The Parallel Strategy of a Large Scale Simulation About Ten Millions Nodes to Reservoir with Multipl Layers

Y. Yang, T. Dai, Z. Han, J. Shu & Z. Pan


Int. J. Numer. Anal. Mod., 2 Special Issue (2005), pp. 177-182

Published online: 2005-11

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Aim at large scale fine reservoir numerical simulation application research on Shenwei computer, the multilayer two dimension two phase parallel software transplanted successfully and a large scale integral simulation about ten millions nodes were realized in the environment of Shenwei parallel computer. The whole preconditioning alternating Schward and another many improved algorithm, the parallel optimal methods about coefficient matrix and saturation calculation made the parallel efficiency increased effectively about multilayer two dimension two phase parallel software. Especially the deep research about the communication and load-balanced technology fitting for Shenwei computer make the parallel function of the software to large scale increase. The multilayer two dimension two phase parallel software transplanted and the parallel computer resource of homegrown Shenwei high behavior parallel computer with 112 CPUs was to simulate the production history of 12 sandgroups of the second Shahejian in second block of Shengtuo. The simulation scale is 10 millions nodes and the time exhausted is about 5 hours which satisfies the application requisition of reservoir simulation. This verifies the reliability and stability of the software and makes the whole parallel efficiency to 79%. It is first time to bring out the independent copyright reservoir simulation parallel software with satisfactory back and forth processing function in homegrown Shenwei computer. Especially the application of the whole preconditioning alternating Schward region decomposition algorithm, the deep research of load-balanced technology and the large scale application etc. are all innovative.

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