Volume 15, Issue 3
Approximation of the Long-Term Dynamics of the Dynamical System Generated by a 3D NS-α System with Phase Transition

T. Tachim Medjo & F. Tone


Int. J. Numer. Anal. Mod., 15 (2018), pp. 307-339.

Published online: 2018-03

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  • Abstract

In this article we study an approximate model for a binary fluid flow in a threedimensional bounded domain. The governing equations consist of the Allen–Cahn equation for the order (phase) parameter φ coupled with the Navier–Stokes-α (NS-α) system for the velocity u. We discretize these equations in time using the implicit Euler scheme and we prove that the global attractors generated by the numerical scheme converge to the global attractor of the continuous system as the time-step approaches zero.

  • Keywords

Navier–Stokes-α phase transition attractors implicit Euler scheme Gronwall Lemma.

  • AMS Subject Headings

35Q30 35Q35 35Q72.

  • Copyright

COPYRIGHT: © Global Science Press

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tachimt@fiu.edu (T. Tachim Medjo)

ftone@uwf.edu (F. Tone)

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