@Article{JCM-16-437, author = {Lei , Gongyan}, title = {The Physical Entropy of Single Conservation Laws}, journal = {Journal of Computational Mathematics}, year = {1998}, volume = {16}, number = {5}, pages = {437--444}, abstract = {

By means of the comparisons with the formulas in statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, in this paper it is demonstrated that for the single conservation law $\partial_{t} u + \partial_{x} f(u) = 0$, if the flux function $f (u)$ is convex (or concave), then, the physical entropy is $S = -f (u)$; Furthermore, if we assume this result can be generalized to any $f (u)$ with two order continuous derivative, from the thermodynamical principle that the local entropy production must be non-negative, one entropy inequality is derived, by which the O.A. Olejnik's famous E-condition can be explained successfully in physics.

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