@Article{JCM-19-407, author = {Zhang , Shu-HuaLin , TaoLin , Yan-Ping and Rao , Ming}, title = {Extrapolation and A-Posteriori Error Estimators of Petrov-Galerkin Methods for Non-Linear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations}, journal = {Journal of Computational Mathematics}, year = {2001}, volume = {19}, number = {4}, pages = {407--422}, abstract = {

In this paper we will show that the Richardson extrapolation can be used to enhance the numerical solution generated by a Petrov-Galerkin finite element method for the initial-value problem for a nonlinear Volterra integro-differential equation. As by-products, we will also show that these enhanced approximations can be used to form a class of a-posteriori estimators for this Petrov-Galerkin finite element method. Numerical examples are supplied to illustrate the theoretical results.

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