@Article{NMTMA-6-447, author = {}, title = {Model Adaptation Enriched with an Anisotropic Mesh Spacing for Nonlinear Equations: Application to Environmental and CFD Problems}, journal = {Numerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications}, year = {2013}, volume = {6}, number = {3}, pages = {447--478}, abstract = {

Goal of this paper is to suitably combine a model with an anisotropic mesh adaptation for the numerical simulation of nonlinear advection-diffusion-reaction systems and incompressible flows in ecological and environmental applications. Using the reduced-basis method terminology, the proposed approach leads to a noticeable computational saving of the online phase with respect to the resolution of the reference model on nonadapted grids. The search of a suitable adapted model/mesh pair is to be meant, instead, in an offline fashion.

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