@Article{JPDE-27-28, author = {Akdim , YoussefBenkirane , A.EL Moumni , M. and Redwane , Hicham}, title = {Existence of Renormalized Solutions for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations}, journal = {Journal of Partial Differential Equations}, year = {2014}, volume = {27}, number = {1}, pages = {28--49}, abstract = { We give an existence result of a renormalized solution for a class of nonlinear parabolic equations $$\frac{\partial b(x,u)}{\partial t}-div(a(x,t,u,\nabla u))+g(x,t,u,\nabla u)+H(x,t,\nabla u)=f,\qquad in\; Q_T,$$ where the right side belongs to $L^{p'}(0,T;W^{-1,p'}(Ω))$ and where b(x,u) is unbounded function of u and where $-div(a(x,t,u,∇u))$ is a Leray-Lions type operatorwith growth $|∇u|^{p-1}$ in ∇u. The critical growth condition on g is with respect to ∇u and no growth condition with respect to u, while the function $H(x,t,∇u)$ grows as $|∇u|^{p-1}$.}, issn = {2079-732X}, doi = {https://doi.org/10.4208/jpde.v27.n1.2}, url = {http://global-sci.org/intro/article_detail/jpde/5124.html} }