@Article{IJNAM-12-366, author = {}, title = {Spectral Approximation of Time-Harmonic Maxwell Equations in Three-Dimensional Exterior Domains}, journal = {International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling}, year = {2015}, volume = {12}, number = {2}, pages = {366--383}, abstract = {

We develop in this paper an efficient and robust spectral-Galerkin method for solving the three-dimensional time-harmonic Maxwell equations in exterior domains. We first reduce the problem to a bounded domain by using the capacity operator which characterizes the transparent boundary condition (TBC). Then, we adopt the transformed field expansion (TFE) approach to reduce the problem to a sequence of Maxwell equations in a spherical shell. Finally, we develop an efficient spectral algorithm by using Legendre approximation in the radial direction and vector spherical harmonic expansion in the tangential directions.

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