@Article{IJNAM-12-302, author = {}, title = {A Hybridized Weak Galerkin Finite Element Method for the Biharmonic Equation}, journal = {International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling}, year = {2015}, volume = {12}, number = {2}, pages = {302--317}, abstract = {

This paper presents a hybridized formulation for the weak Galerkin finite element method for the biharmonic equation based on the discrete weak Hessian recently proposed by the authors. The hybridized weak Galerkin scheme is based on the use of a Lagrange multiplier defined on the element interfaces. The Lagrange multiplier is verified to provide a numerical approximation for certain derivatives of the exact solution. An error estimate of optimal order is established for the numerical approximations arising from the hybridized weak Galerkin finite element method. The paper also derives a computational algorithm (Schur complement) by eliminating all the unknowns associated with the interior variables on each element, yielding a significantly reduced system of linear equations for unknowns on the element interfaces.

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