@Article{AAM-40-191, author = {Azaiez , Mejdi and Balc’h , Kévin Le}, title = {Numerical Study of Semidiscrete Penalty Approach for Stabilizing Boussinesq System with Localized Feedback Control}, journal = {Annals of Applied Mathematics}, year = {2024}, volume = {40}, number = {2}, pages = {191--218}, abstract = {

We investigate the numerical approximation for stabilizing the semidiscrete linearized Boussinesq system around an unstable stationary state. Stabilization is attained through internal feedback controls applied to the velocity and temperature equations, localized within an arbitrary open subset. This study follows the framework presented in [14], considering the continuous linearized Boussinesq system. The primary objective is to explore the penalization-based approximation of the free divergence condition in the semidiscrete case and provide a numerical validation of these results in a two-dimensional setting.

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