@Article{CMR-39-523, author = {Diao , HuaianGeng , YueranLiu , Hongyu and Yu , Qinghua}, title = {Geometrical Characterizations of Non-Radiating Sources at Polyhedral and Conical Corners with Applications}, journal = {Communications in Mathematical Research }, year = {2023}, volume = {39}, number = {4}, pages = {523--538}, abstract = {

Considering the acoustic source scattering problems, when the source is non-radiating/invisible, we investigate the geometrical characterization for the underlying sources at polyhedral and conical corner. It is revealed that the non-radiating source with Hölder continuous regularity must vanish at the corner. Using this kind of geometrical characterization of non-radiating sources, we establish local and global unique determination for a source with the polyhedral or corona shape support by a single far field measurement. Uniqueness by a single far field measurement constitutes of a long standing problem in inverse scattering problems.

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