@Article{CiCP-34-357, author = {Hu , Zhicheng and Li , Guanghan}, title = {An Efficient Nonlinear Multigrid Solver for the Simulation of Rarefied Gas Cavity Flow}, journal = {Communications in Computational Physics}, year = {2023}, volume = {34}, number = {2}, pages = {357--391}, abstract = {

We study efficient simulation of steady state for multi-dimensional rarefied gas flow, which is modeled by the Boltzmann equation with BGK-type collision term. A nonlinear multigrid solver is proposed to resolve the efficiency issue by the following approaches. The unified framework of numerical regularized moment method is first adopted to derive the high-quality discretization of the underlying problem. A fast sweeping iteration is introduced to solve the derived discrete problem more efficiently than the usual time-integration scheme on a single level grid. Taking it as the smoother, the nonlinear multigrid solver is then established to significantly improve the convergence rate. The OpenMP-based parallelization is applied in the implementation to further accelerate the computation. Numerical experiments for two lid-driven cavity flows and a bottom-heated cavity flow are carried out to investigate the performance of the resulting nonlinear multigrid solver. All results show the wonderful efficiency and robustness of the solver for both first- and second-order spatial discretization.

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