@Article{CMR-27-114, author = {Xinwei and Su and and 18372 and and Xinwei Su}, title = {Solutions to Boundary Value Problem of Nonlinear Impulsive Differential Equation of Fractional Order}, journal = {Communications in Mathematical Research }, year = {2021}, volume = {27}, number = {2}, pages = {114--126}, abstract = {

This paper is devoted to studying the existence and uniqueness of solutions to a boundary value problem of nonlinear fractional differential equation with impulsive effects. The arguments are based upon Schauder and Banach fixed-point theorems. We improve and generalize the results presented in [B. Ahmad, S. Sivasundaram, Existence results for nonlinear impulsive hybrid boundary value problems involving fractional differential equations, Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems, 3(2009), 251–258].

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