@Article{AAMM-3-389, author = {Srinivasacharya , D. and RamReddy , Ch.}, title = {Mixed Convection Heat and Mass Transfer in a Micropolar Fluid with Soret and Dufour Effects}, journal = {Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics}, year = {2011}, volume = {3}, number = {4}, pages = {389--400}, abstract = {

A mathematical model for the steady, mixed convection heat and mass transfer along a semi-infinite vertical plate embedded in a micropolar fluid in the presence of Soret and Dufour effects is presented. The non-linear governing equations and their associated boundary conditions are initially cast into dimensionless forms using local similarity transformations. The resulting system of equations is then solved numerically using the Keller-box method. The numerical results are compared and found to be in good agreement with previously published results as special cases of the present investigation. The non-dimensional velocity, microrotation, temperature and concentration profiles are displayed graphically for different values of coupling number, Soret and Dufour numbers. In addition, the skin-friction coefficient, the Nusselt number and Sherwood number are shown in a tabular form.

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