@Article{NMTMA-10-639, author = {}, title = {A Full Multigrid Method for Distributed Control Problems Constrained by Stokes Equations}, journal = {Numerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications}, year = {2017}, volume = {10}, number = {3}, pages = {639--655}, abstract = {

A full multigrid method with coarsening by a factor-of-three to distributed control problems constrained by Stokes equations is presented. An optimal control problem with cost functional of velocity and/or pressure tracking-type is considered with Dirichlet boundary conditions. The optimality system that results from a Lagrange multiplier framework, forms a linear system connecting the state, adjoint, and control variables. We investigate multigrid methods with finite difference discretization on staggered grids. A coarsening by a factor-of-three is used on staggered grids that results nested hierarchy of staggered grids and simplified the inter-grid transfer operators. A distributive-Gauss-Seidel smoothing scheme is employed to update the state- and adjoint-variables and a gradient update step is used to update the control variables. Numerical experiments are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed multigrid framework to tracking-type optimal control problems.

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