@Article{AAMM-9-651, author = {Zhang , JiansongZhu , Jiang and Yang , Danping}, title = {A Combined Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Saltwater Intrusion Problem with Splitting Mixed Procedure}, journal = {Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics}, year = {2018}, volume = {9}, number = {3}, pages = {651--666}, abstract = {

In this paper, a new combined method is presented to simulate saltwater intrusion problem. A splitting positive definite mixed element method is used to solve the water head equation, and a symmetric discontinuous Galerkin (DG) finite element method is used to solve the concentration equation. The introduction of these two numerical methods not only makes the coefficient matrixes symmetric positive definite, but also does well with the discontinuous problem. The convergence of this method is considered and the optimal $L^2$-norm error estimate is also derived.

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