@Article{AAMM-8-573, author = {Bhargava , R. R. and Verma , Pooja Raj}, title = {A Study of Crack-Face Boundary Conditions for Piezoelectric Strip Cut Along Two Equal Collinear Cracks}, journal = {Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics}, year = {2018}, volume = {8}, number = {4}, pages = {573--587}, abstract = {

A problem of two equal, semi-permeable, collinear cracks, situated normal to the edges of an infinitely long piezoelectric strip is considered. Piezoelectric strip being prescribed out-of-plane shear stress and in-plane electric-displacement. The Fourier series and integral equation methods are adopted to obtain analytical solution of the problem. Closed-form analytic expressions are derived for various fracture parameters viz. crack-sliding displacement, crack opening potential drop, field intensity factors and energy release rate. An numerical case study is considered for poled PZT−5H, $BaTiO_3$ and PZT−6B piezoelectric ceramics to study the effect of applied electro-mechanical loadings, crack-face boundary conditions as well as inter-crack distance on fracture parameters. The obtained results are presented graphically, discussed and concluded.

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