Volume 4, Issue 2
Momentum Conservative Schemes for Shallow Water Flows

S. R. Pudjaprasetya & I. Magdalena

East Asian J. Appl. Math., 4 (2014), pp. 152-165.

Published online: 2018-02

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  • Abstract

We discuss the implementation of the finite volume method on a staggered grid to solve the full shallow water equations with a conservative approximation for the advection term. Stelling & Duinmeijer [15] noted that the advection approximation may be energy-head or momentum conservative, and if suitable which of these to implement depends upon the particular flow being considered. The momentum conservative scheme pursued here is shown to be suitable for 1D problems such as transcritical flow with a shock and dam break over a rectangular bed, and we also found that our simulation of dam break over a dry sloping bed is in good agreement with the exact solution. Further, the results obtained using the generalised momentum conservative approximation for 2D shallow water equations to simulate wave run up on a conical island are in good agreement with benchmark experimental data.

  • Keywords

Finite volume method staggered grid conservative scheme shallow water equations

  • AMS Subject Headings

65M08 76M12 35L65

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