Problems that may be encountered

  • Questions after submission

    How to check your submission schedule

    Register /Login your personal center, you will see your submission schedule.

    After submission, your article will be checked and reviewed within 3-5 days. Please wait patiently.

    Status 1: has been checked: your article has been checked by reviewers,

    Status 2: reviewing: your article is being reviewed by the editor/deputy editor/reviewer. Please be patient.

    Status 3: not approved: your article may not be suitable for submission to this journal or there are major problems, and the article is returned.

    Status 4: approved: your article is very good, it may be published in this journal. If there are some problems in the article,the reviewer will inform you by email. Please check„ÄĀmodify and resubmit the article, so that your article can be published in the journal as soon as possible. (The spelling problem and formatting problem in the article may not be notified to you by email. The reviewer has the right to modify these minor issues.)

  • Some notice after the submission is approved

    After your submission is approved,it may not be published in the journal in the first place.Please wait patiently.We will publish your submission as soon as possible,and inform you by email before published.