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Global Science Press is an academic publishing company for the advancement of mathematical, physical and computational sciences. The mission of the Global Science Press is to enhance interactions among a broad spectrum of scientists worldwide. Based in Hong Kong, Global Science Press is developing a strong partnership with the best scientific publisher in China -- the Science Press. The two publishers will jointly publish books and to collaborate on marketing and distribution.


Journal of Mathematical Study (JMS) publishes original research and survey papers, in English, of high scientific value in all major fields of mathematics, particularly the research areas represented by its editorial board members.

The journal will begin the first issue in Feb. 2014.

ISSN: 1006-6837 4 issues/year

Guan Bo and Jie Shen,
Xiamen, China


The journal of Communications in Computational Chemistry (CiCC) emphasizely publishes the short and rapid communication articles reporting original work on all aspects of computational chemistry and theoretical chemistry. The journal will begin the first issue in Feb. 2013.

ISSN: 2305-7076, 4 issues/year

Keli Han, Editor-in-Chief
Dalian, China

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